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What is a Patronage NFT?

The Patronage NFT is a Non Fungible Token designed to raise funds for restoration, maintenance, expansion, educational and sustanibility initiatives. The strategy begins with identifying a physical asset in the museums custodianship, create a digital variation of the physical asset (i.e. photo, video, 3D scan), attach the new digital file to a blockchain (aka minting) with an accompanied museum certificate of authenticity that validates the scarcity, and uniqueness of the NFT.

The physical artworks above can be substituted with content created for a specific restoration including architectural renderings, official certificates and approval letters, to milestone events from laying the foundation up to the cornerstone. This allows historic art with certain sensitivities to be renovated without participating in the NFT process.

What a Museum or an Institution Can Do:

  1. Virtually any museum asset or activity, including restoration, maintenance and educational programs, can be digitized and become NFTs.
  2. Ownership certificates (NFTs) are stored on a blockchain ledger and 100% owned by the museum, guaranteeing pristine provenance, validated by code and accounting traceability.
  3. The minted NFT asset, at the museum's sole discretion, can be gifted to a benefactor, offered for sale privately or through an auction house, or held in perpetuity as an archival asset.
  4. Proceeds of the NFT sale are directed back to the museum as per instructions

What A Company Can Do:

  1. For Profit Organizations have limitless opportunities to transform their assets into Non Fungible Tokens
  2. Once digitized a company may issue the representation as an NFT, to be sold, donated, or given for free to customers
  3. A company can become a patron of a museum or cultural institution, by acquiring their NFTs through patronage projects
  4. A company will establish a new positioning thanks to patronage operations

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a Non Fungible Token. This is a unique digital item (ie. photo, video, GIF, MEME) that is minted and stored on a public digital ledger, called blockchain. As transactions on a blockchain are open to public viewing, current ownership of the NFT and all transactions back to the original creator of the NFT can be verified on the blockchain. With the use of smart contracts detailed by specific requests of the original creator, it is possible to create NFTs with their own rights and exclusions of use once sold.

License and Rights

This Patronage NFT does not allow for the buyer or licensor to obtain any rights to the physical artwork represented. A smart contract will specify what rights, if any at all, that the NFT buyer will obtain such as naming rights, or special access to the institution. The smart contract will specify what percentage the institution will be compensated on all future sales of the Patronage NFT in perpetuity.

NFT License:

A Patronage NFT is property that can be sold or held indefinitely by the museum. This Patronage NFT can be monetized through licensing without the need to sell, providing a source of income for the institution. An NFT can also be held by a fund or by an institution designated to support the institution without selling its resources. This NFT Patronage does not allow either the buyer or license holder to obtain any rights to the physical work of art represented.

Intellectual Property Protection:

It is important to emphasize the issuance of certified NFTs to protect the intellectual property of the artworks on various Blockchains, validating which NFTs have been issued by the qualified institution to protect against attempts at scams or replicas.

Marketing and Financing:

Patronage NFTs represent a marketing and funding tool that allows institutions to connect to a global community of benefactors interested in funding the Museum's activities. Dedicated NFT communities will develop around institutions, artists and works of art promoting dynamic and interactive involvement. World Heritage Cities will finance their Endowments through the issuance of Patronage NFTs.


The Patronage NFT team is dedicated to implementing Metaverse solutions for its museum clients.The Metaverse could allow millions of people to personally experience every work of art housed in an institution, including the vast archives rarely visible to the public. Existing Metaverse environments include Sandbox, Decentraland, Oncyber.io, GTA, and Fortnite. This is the ground floor of Web 3.0.

Artificial Intelligence

Patronage NFT is committed to financing the creation of artificial intelligence capabilities of historical personalities from the history of any institution. The combination of Patronage NFT and artificial intelligence technology will give life to historical characters in the form of avatars, able to populate Metaverse environments with perpetual learning capabilities, acting as ambassadors, educators, and fundraisers.

Gamification and Intellectual Property

Gamification is a fundamental element of the Metaverse and NFT ecosystem. Patronage NFT leverages the use of a variety of patents aimed at providing remuneration to the user in exchange for participating in a qualifying event. The system has an internet interface for interacting with a plurality of users and a plurality of advertisers, an account database and a token generation module. A system for the generation and management of non-fungible tokens (NFT) is also provided to support each cultural institution and museum involved.


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Patronage with a Blockchain component is part of our history. In 2013 we introduced Bitcoin as the currency to reward young female students in Afghanistan as documented by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna in the introduction of their book “The Age of Cryptocurrency”.

With this same philosophy we created the Patronage NFT as a tool to empower institutions to reach financial independence.

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